Rockin on!

Last night I did something that is now  on my list of favorite things of all time.  We took our 12 year old son to see Metallica.  I have never been a huge fan, but my son, since he was barely old enough to talk, has been addicted to rock.  He is extremely musical and although he listens to anything from jazz to classical,  rock is his “life force!”  I had no idea what to expect,  but seeing his excitement was enough to reassure me that we made a great choice in sharing this experience.  He is a boy that struggles with confidence, so music is something that keeps him grounded and makes him feel secure.  When he was three he told me, “mom, music just makes everything else make sense,”  Being a musician myself, I have always felt this way too.  I got to watch him watch one of his favorite bands and it was magical.  I could literally feel his energy.  He smiled from ear to ear, sang almost every word of every song, and had what he proclaimed to be “the best night of his life so far.”  To experience this kind of excitement and joy with him is something that I will carry with me forever.  As I write and think about it, my heart bursts with happiness.  Find out what your kids love, and experience it with them.  In an age where we spend way too much time on our phones and social media, myself included, it was a great way to remember that our children want US, no matter how old they get.  They want our attention and our support, and certainly they want to share experiences.  This for me was a great reminder. I got to spend hours watching my boy have the time of his life, and I in turn had the time of mine.  He just may have converted me into a fan.  What a show!!  So rock on my friends, you just might become a convert to something you never realized you’d like!!  #metallicaisawesome

And that, my metal loving friends, is today’s dish!  xoxo Deb


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