Recipe Stealer!!


So in the last few weeks I’ve been running like a chicken with my head cut off and because of that I feel like my creativity in the menu department wavers.  I run from teaching music classes, to my second gig at the high school to help direct drama rehearsals, followed by dance rehearsals and baseball practices.  Between other people’s kids, and my own kids, my brain is literally fried, so sometimes I need a little help!  Thank GOD for the internet.  I’m amazed at the fact that my mom constantly had to feed six children and always made the most delicious things without this magnificent modern creation .  She was a wonderful cook and baker and although she had some cookbooks that she used on occasion, mostly it was just her.   Trying to come up with new recipes, but staying relatively healthy, can be a challenge and sometimes a total pain in the booty!!  Whether you work inside the home or outside of the home, and I’ve done both, it can be overwhelming and exhausting.  Today I’m sharing two of my favorite go-to recipes that are delicious and require just a little forethought.  If you work outside of the home you will want to prepare  your steak marinade and meat the night before, and even the acorn squash can be put together the night before, although it’s very easy.   These are not my own recipes, but awesome dishes that I discovered.   Although I adore coming up with original creations, when I come across something I love, I am thrilled to add it to my recipe file so it’s ready to go.   The prep will only take about 20 minutes for both, although the cook time on the squash is about an hour and fifteen minutes, so be aware of that.

The first recipe is for grilled marinated flank steak.  Flank steak is a perfect weeknight protein because the cook time is only about 12 minutes.  It is flavorful and perfectly tender when marinated and cooked properly.  We love this recipe and use leftovers for steak fajitas and tacos.


The second recipe that I’m sharing is classic baked acorn squash and it’s a fall side dish favorite!  My kids love it and so will yours.  It’s warm, mildly sweet, and the perfect side dish with the steak.  The only tweak is that I add twice as much maple syrup and I also add salt and pepper.  In addition,  if you like heat, it’s delicious with a little bit of cayenne pepper for the adults!  I have prepared this both the night before, and the day of and it doesn’t matter which way you go.  However,  if you’re crunched for time on a weeknight, then feel free to prep it ahead.


These are two recipes that you will definitely want to add to your recipe file!!  As always if you have any questions or thoughts, let me know!  Thanks for following and that’s my dish!!


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