Fall Fabulousness!


Everyone that knows me, knows that I am a warm weather girl.  I love the sun and the pool, and the long lazy days.  However, being in the Midwest means that we are fortunate enough to have seasons.  So even though I love all things summer, I definitely look forward to seeing the seasons change and decorating for each wonderful holiday that comes to pass during this time.  Fabulous Fall is here and with it comes so many lovely things to take in!  The world is covered in pumpkin spice, the temperatures are starting to drop, and the smell of fire wood burning is in the air!  The leaves out in the woods behind our house are beginning to change color and each morning little squirrels and birds are scampering about preparing for the next season to come.  I LOVE fall and it makes me just as happy as I am in the summer to curl up with a big furry blanket and a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and take it all in!  S’mores,  chili, and pumpkin muffins are just a sampling of all the fabulous fall food we make.  Today I have a couple of fun decorating ideas that might help you get through the fall holidays, and a spectacular cinnamon apple sangria recipe, for the next  fall night when you need a little something to warm your bones!  

The first phase of fall is Halloween.  I love spiders, spooky trees, muslin table runners, and lots of skulls.  I mix these with white and silver pumpkins, and in the end it’s a lot of fun.  My kids are not so little anymore, but they still love to see the decorations pop up in the weeks before Halloween.  Some years I add scary lanterns and webs, and some years I keep it simple, but either way, we love to have creepy decor scattered throughout the house! FullSizeRender(5) Find things that you love and mix it up.  Mix shapes and sizes and definitely combine both real and artificial pumpkins and gourds.  I love my silver and white pumpkins and they transition to Thanksgiving with just a few alterations.  I mix them with mini white real pumpkins and they add the perfect touch and the best part…there are NO rules!

The only table this year not covered in Halloween is my dining room table.  I decided I wanted a Fall feel the whole season long.  I host Thanksgiving most years and when I do we usually have anywhere from 45-60 family members flooding into the house.  I love to use simple burlap table runners combined with fresh flowers and seasonal decorations like pumpkins, gourds, and pine cones.  I love to combine outdoor elements with everything.   There’s something completely magical about setting all of the tables, lighting all of the candles, and seeing that you’ve made it special for your loved ones!  This year I found the most beautiful velvet pumpkins from Love Feast Shop and I had to put them out immediately!!  They have real stems and are hand made.  They are exquisite.  The bad thing about loving these so much is that now I want a whole lot more!!  They look so realistic and add the perfect fall touch to the center of my table.  I have several photos that mix a few different elements, but in the end find one thing that you really love and let that inspire you!  This year I used white and gold, last year I used a lot of white and green and I loved them both equally!!  Oh and don’t forget to light the scene with lots of candles.  


Here are those beautiful velvet pumpkins as the focal point of the table. 


A photo of the table with hydrangeas tucked in the mix…


Here is the look without flowers, but with my beloved wooden deer.


This was taken last year when I used a mix of white and green.

I will have more coming soon so stay tuned!  And heres that  fabulous fall sangria recipe for the next fire pit!!  Thanks for stopping in and that’s my dish!!  Cheers! 

xoxo Deb

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