2018: Resolutions or Not?

2018 selfie

So here we are!  We have begun another year.  With the beginning of the new year come the resolutions.  I resolve to lose weight.  I resolve to get a better job.  I resolve to be more positive, and the list goes on.  We think about all of the ways that we can improve ourselves or our lives, or the lives of our families. Several years ago I came across a post from a friend and an idea was born.  I understand the concept of the resolution.  It’s a wonderful thought to have a goal that can better our life in someway.  The problem with me and resolutions was that I never seemed to follow through.  I would set countless goals only to have my resolution fizzle anywhere from a few weeks, to months in. When the resolution fizzles, the feelings of failure creep in.  As with any goal that we set, when it fails to come to fruition, instead of creating a positive experience it can create a feeling of anxiety. I begin each New Year also with my birthday which happens to be on the second of January.  The older I get the more I think about goals for myself and my family, as they are my everything. 

Family christmas shot 2017

That being said, when I came across this idea it was a game changer for me.  In 2013 I began the journey of focusing on one idea, or word, that  I would incorporate into my daily life for the entire year.  What seemed truly amazing was how much doing this changed how I lived, and also how much the word seemed to creep up in challenges that I faced.  

In order to choose my word I really thought about it.  Where am I lacking in my personal resolve, what do I want to be better at, stronger in?  I came up with several  ideas and then really pondered on each word that came to me.  The first word that I chose was courage. I’m  a really big chicken.  I’m afraid of a lot.  Not just heights, or daredevil types of things, but too many things to name.  I was afraid to take risks, and I would often avoid challenges that I was more than capable of taking on, so courage it was.

inspirational wordsLittle did I know that first year I would face a personal challenge that would take more courage than I could ever imagine.  I had to be strong, articulate, focused, but most of all courageous.  It empowered me.  It made me believe in myself and ultimately it turned me into a total bad ass in the face of adversity.  I felt superhuman and it was because I willed that one little word into every facet of my life.  I came out on the other side of 2013 a more courageous person.  I started to baby step my way into taking risks and trying new things.  This blog, although started several years later, was a product of that courage and finally taking a step to do something that I’ve always wanted to do and not let fear stop me!

In the years that have followed I have chosen gratitude, perseverance, kindness, determination, and for this year I am choosing acceptance. The words that I choose are ones that have spoken to me.  They are words that have caused me to make a positive change in my life and hopefully create a similar effect in all those I come in contact with.  I love the idea of a non-resolution resolution.  It’s a win-win!

I have lots of thoughts on future words and year by year I pray these words continue to transform me.  For now I plan to focus on acceptance, acceptance of others and their opinions, acceptance of  changes in my life, acceptance of the faults of others,  but more importantly, acceptance of my own faults and failures, which is really hard for me.  I will try not to beat myself up so much and accept that sometimes things just go wrong.  I hope that I end 2018 feeling like I am a much more accepting person, and that will be a success for me. 

birthday cake

So I ask you, what’s your word?  How do you want to transform your life in the New Year? Find your word and make a change, you won’t regret it.  No recipes today, but a little food for thought instead!  Cheers to 2018 and whatever your resolution or non-resolution may be!  That’s my dish!

xoxo Deb



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