What is your magic?

summer sunset
Magical sunset on the river this summer!

We have had a really hot summer. like crazy hot, then out of nowhere it turned to fall.  It’s not really fall, but the temperatures plummeted and we got a much needed reprieve.  I’m a warm weather girl, and I have loved my time at the pool and nights grilling with the fam, but just a short time ago I was looking out the window in our wonderful Chautauqua cottage and saw a single red leaf fall to the ground.   I don’t know why it struck me so remarkably, but all of the sudden I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude.  It was magical, truly magical. How can one little leaf cause such a response?  I’m so thankful that I get to experience seasons in the Midwest. Although I’m not a fan of cold one single bit and I’m perfectly content in my flip flops and a swimsuit, I’m thrilled when the snow falls and I’m curled up by the fire with the kids, the hubby, and my three fur babies.  I love when the temperatures begin to cool and we can light the fire pit to enjoy with friends and family.

But that single little leaf got me to thinking, what is magic for you?  Do you have a favorite season?   Are you as sad as I am when your kids go back to school knowing how quickly the time passes and how little time we actually have with them?  My magic is the people I love, but especially these amazing weeks in the summer.  I breathe in the smell of  the hot sun on the pavement, and the smell of chlorine on my skin.  I live off of fresh fruits and veggies from the farmers market.  I eat berries by the dozens and make the best homemade cobblers on the planet.  We cook dinner with our great friends and family.  I joke that we live like a commune, but we realize we have such a short time together that we soak it up each day.  I listen to my kids hanging out on the screened porch laughing with their friends and it reminds me of doing the same at their age.  I cut fresh flowers and drink way too much wine, and although I still work a ton, I spend each day appreciating the gift of time off.  Magic is whatever you want it to be.  Maybe it’s sleeping in when it’s raining, or appreciating the rain when we have had so little.  Magic is having to fill three full hummingbird feeders every morning because at any given time I have fifteen to twenty at the feeders and I’m their source of nectar, or as my kids tease, hummingbird “crack!” Magic is having a chance to read a book, or take a nap.  I don’t know about you, but naps are not common for me.  In normal mom and teacher mode I don’t recall ever napping, but this summer I have taken a few. It’s been pretty glorious.  Magic is taking time to appreciate the little things, because after all the little things when added up are actually big things. 

School started this week and just like that we are back into the swing of our year.  It has been a pretty stressful start for me, but I’m holding on to the magic of this summer.  I’m embracing the stages that my children are in and I am watching them soar.  I’m remembering that kids crave structure and organization.  They are also task masters, so going back to the grind is a good thing for them.  When the craziness starts to take control as you begin this school year, find that one little bit of magic that you can hold onto.  Breathe it in and find your happy place.  I don’t have to teach this morning, so here I sit, sharing a few thoughts with you.  I have a hot cup of coffee and three pups sleeping at my feet.  I’d say that’s enough magic for anyone.  Have a great weekend my friends and remember, all you have to do is open your eyes and you will find little glimpses of magic all around you.  That’s pretty spectacular.  Cheers, and that’s my dish! 

My magic this morning!

xoxo Deb

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