Making Thanksgiving Magical: A Guide to the Perfect Tablescape

Thanksgiving 23 Water

I have always loved the holidays.  When the first cool night hits I begin pulling out the bins of decorations.  This year was no different.  I think it was mid-August when I started dreaming about how I would decorate my home in the coming months.  The holiday season is a magical time, and I feel blessed that I have such cherished memories of growing up and celebrating with those that I love the most.  Although the traditions have shifted through the years with marriages, children, passing of loved ones, and becoming the host of all holidays, one thing remains, and that is my passion for creating the most beautiful and inviting spaces to welcome all who enter.  I have teamed up this week with my friend Kristi from French Creek Farmhouse  as well as many other talented decor bloggers to bring you an amazing Thanksgiving tablescape tour!  Each day Kristi will be featuring several different bloggers on both her website as well as her Instagram, sure to inspire your creativity.  Today is my day and I’m thrilled to share what I have created for you all!  It is an honor to be included in this amazing and creative group! 

Each year inspiration comes to me in a host of different ways.  It may be a flower, a vase, seeing the first color pop in the trees, or it may be as simple as finding something new in my favorite boutique. It seems to strike when I least expect it, and then it’s game on.  I love to explore color.  For me color is the key.  It’s what I shape my entire tablescape around.  Some years it’s cool greens and white, other years it’s browns and golds.  But no matter what, choose a few pieces that you love and build around those items.  This year I was inspired by, and built around, two things for my design.  I have three beloved white velvet pumpkins that I bought last year from a wonderful online store called and the second is a seeded eucalyptus garland that I bought from the Magnolia collection at Target.  All I needed was those two simple things and my creativity exploded.

The first layer that I put down was a simple, narrow burlap runner.  I adore burlap.  It is a great neutral base for anything you want to create. It adds texture, and one thing that I’ve discovered over the years is that the most beautiful centerpieces are layered with a multitude of texture.  Once the burlap runner was in place, I added the eucalyptus garland.  I placed this in a fairly straight line so that as I added flowers, candles, and a host of other items there would be a little pop of green coming through in each nook and cranny.  I also made the decision that this year I wanted lots of white and would only incorporate a few deep pops of color with flowers, feathers, and gourds.

Thanksgiving 39
A simple burlap runner can be a great use of texture and provide a neutral base.

To create a beautiful centerpiece, layer each item in one step at a time.  The other thing that I like to do is mix in both real and artificial flowers and garlands, as well as pumpkins and gourds.  The artificial base keeps it looking fresh all month long and the fresh flowers can be swapped out whenever needed.  After placing the burlap and garland down I began to tuck in the other items.  Next came my large silver bark candles.  By putting the larger candles down first I can fill my smaller items in around them.

Thanksgiving 43 Water
I got these silver bark candles from Pottery Barn years back, but I use them all the time. They work for every season!

Once the larger candles were in place in came my white velvet pumpkins to provide a centerpiece, as well as my real white pumpkins.  I was sold on the real ones when I saw their stems.  I fell completely in love. I’m all about fabulous stems!!


The final touch to my centerpiece was to add a few more colors and textures.  I found miniature gourds at my local garden store and they were the perfect accent to provide a pop of color.  The other added color came from my fresh flowers.  I knew that I was going to use white hydrangeas.  They are my favorite and I buy them weekly at my local supermarket, which fortunately has a spectacular fresh flower department. But the other flowers I was set on were sunflowers and seeded eucalyptus.  I LOVE sunflowers!  I mean seriously, they are the happiest flowers in the world! Seeded eucalyptus smells divine, and finished the look beautifully.  Mason jars are the perfect vase to house flowers.  You can buy them for next-to-nothing and they keep the look a little bit more rustic.


Lastly I added in my antlers, feathers, and votive candles.  I’m obsessed with feathers.  I love them on pumpkins, and in flower arrangements, so I knew that this would be a great final touch, and the antlers would complete my look.  These are all things that I have collected from different places over the years, but it never fails that each time I go to my  favorite local boutique, if they have antlers, I pick them up (it’s an addiction!)  The votive candles add extra twinkle coming from every corner of the table.


Once you have your centerpiece complete, it’s time to set the table.  I used beautiful gold-edged cream Lenox china, paired with gold and silver flatware, gold edged crystal goblets, and lovely little linen turkey napkins and pumpkin stoneware plates I found at Target.

This link is not an exact match to the napkins that I used, but is very similar.  It may depend on each store as to what you can find.

Thanksgiving 35

To keep the place setting a little less formal I used Bali dark round place mats that I found at Crate and Barrel.  I love the dark contrast to my light table.  I also love water hyacinth place mats if you have those.

Here is a photo of my perfect place setting.  Each guest’s plate is adorned with either a pumpkin or pine cone.  The pumpkins came from Walmart many years back,  and the pine cones I picked up in my neighborhood.  Once again this adds another element of both color and texture, and brings it all together.


I hope that this has given you a myriad of fabulous and fresh ideas to use on your Thanksgiving table.  Choose what you love, let one or two items inspire your look, and mix lots of different textures for a table that is a show-stopper.  Enjoy your time with family and friends.  We all have so much to be thankful for.  Cheers to making magic and memories with all those that you love, and creating the most stunning space to entertain. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

xoxo Deb


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  1. Pretty design Deb. Gotta love pumpkins plates. The rattan round placemats are lovely. So much fun blog hopping with you. P.S. I would suggest using larger photos so we can all check out your lovely table.

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