One Room Challenge™ Fall 2019, Week 2 “Gotta Have Glam”: Bedroom Progress

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One Room Challenge

SO, this week was all about clearing and prepping for our “glam” teen bedroom makeover!  We moved out all of my daughter’s miscellaneous loot and got to work.  As I said last week, she likes to keep things, which is probably why I have avoided tackling this space.  Needless to say she has pitched in and worked hard to get things moving.  The first step after clearing the room, was to choose paint.  With the one wall being so dark and dramatic, I want the other walls to stay light and bright.  The bedding I have chosen is a lovely washable linen from Pottery barn, so that was the inspiration for the other walls. Here’s another peek at the bedding!

emma bedding
Linen bedding (image courtesy of Pottery Barn)


Linen Bedding

One thing though, and this is a biggie, some linen or off-white shades of paint can read yellow, and that would be a disaster, so when choosing your color, make sure the undertones are brown or grey.  I have chosen a Behr paint and the color is called Sandstone Cliff.  She’s a beauty!

Sandstone Cliff

We have already made great progress on three of the walls, but ran into a serious hiccup.  What to do when you pull off the baseboards and discover that the previous homeowner painted over wallpaper?  Well first, you completely freak out and kick yourself!! I mean how the heck after six years did I NOT KNOW that this was painted wallpaper?   Well done sneaky people, well done.  I’m here to say that you would not have been able to tell.  But after my initial hyperventilating, I forged on and did what any logical human would do, I  painted right over their paint. So far so good.  I still need to touch up a few things, but here’s a shot of the progress.  My hubs is a master with the paint roller, and I have mad trim skills, so we’re looking good.

blog light progress 3

Oh and do you see that oversized chandelier?  Yep that’s new and already hung.  The goal was simply to get the massive box out of my living room, so voila, there it is.  It is seriously the most beautiful thing that I have ever laid eyes on, and I got it on super sale!  Yay me!!

Francesca Beaded Chandelier

The other paint that has yet to go up is the black matte to match to the wallpaper. Unfortunately,  the paper hasn’t gone up yet because I need to evaluate what to do after the discovery of the previously papered walls.  I’m hoping all will be well and I will not have to burn the midnight oil scraping paper off a huge wall first. That would really crunch my time. To choose my black I took the wallpaper to our local paint store and they matched it perfectly. Here’s a view of the wallpaper that I scanned.  It is so pretty in person, it makes me want to cry, like serious lay down on the floor and sob kind of cry.  Hopefully all will be well and this will go up this weekend.


The next few days will be critical in the remodel.  The black wall will be completed, fingers crossed.  The carpet will be ripped out, and prepped for new flooring.  I will be painting the existing dresser and adding new hardware.   I still have yet to find the right side tables and lamps, so that too shall be tackled.  I would love to know how you’re doing with your progress as well,  so let me know.  Thanks so much for following me on this crazy journey.  I am loving your words of encouragement and all the love.   Oh and if you missed week one be sure to check it out here!

Week One

Peace, and I’ll catch you next week!

xoxo Deb

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