One Room Challenge™ Fall 2019, Week 3 “Gotta Have Glam” Teen Bedroom Remodel

Well first of all if you’ve missed my previous blogs here they are! Head to the links to see the history of the event, my design plan, and my progress.




Week three is here and this week was all about the feature wall and flooring.  Although I have a way to go before the wallpaper is up, the rest of the walls are completely done and the flooring is in.

First to the main walls.  I shared this in the previous post, but the color that I chose is a perfect neutral called Sandstone Cliff. It is light, bright and a perfect neutral.  Here are the walls today.

orc 3
The light neutral wall and the start of the feature wall

Next, I discovered that the feature wall is going to have to be primed, so that is what’s going on there.  The primer will need to cure for another few days and hopefully the self adhesive wallpaper with be ready to go up.  It is vitally important that I do whatever is necessary to get this right, because after all, it is the inspiration for the entire space.  Without the wallpaper, the rest of the room won’t make sense. Here’s a peek of the paper again that I shared in week one.

emma wallpaper
1. Dramatic Wallpaper (Image courtesy of etsy)

Now to the flooring.  Have I mentioned that I have the most unbelievable design assistant in the world?  Well if not, let me tell you, this guy is the king.  Oh, did I also happen to mention that he is my husband? This fabulous human has stepped up to the plate and knocked this remodel out of the ball park. We tore up carpet, ripped out tack strips, pulled up nails, cleaned, picked out new flooring, laid down floor insulation, installed the new flooring, re-installed the baseboards and I’m here to tell you, it looks stunning.

Here are a few shots of the process. It saved us time and money by rolling up our sleeves and getting down and dirty!!.

The flooring I chose is a laminate because I wanted durability, and ability to clean it easily.  It’s a teenagers room.  She dances, has friends over, they eat, drink, and drop make-up everywhere.  I need it to be indestructible, and this one truly is.  But, it is also really pretty. It’s called Winterton Oak

We’ve never put down a laminate floor, but Nate is extremely handy, and can figure out just about anything with a little help from YouTube. In the end, although it takes time, it was fairly painless and I would do it again, although since he did most of the work, he might disagree!!

JLaw - Imgur.gif

So onward and upward we go!   Our house has been in total chaos for several weeks and the poor kids have had to weave their way through the construction zone, but at least the major components are almost completed.

I’m hoping to get the paper up VERY soon, and I am now moving on to finalizing the accent pieces and accesories in the space.  One thing we are doing to save a bit of cash is to repurpose some of her current pieces that can work in the room.

She had an old dresser that belonged to my grandparents, but it was in need of some serious TLC.  So we opted for a fresh coat of high gloss paint in a soft shade of pink.  How did you choose the color, one may ask?  That is simple.  I was looking around for anything in sight that was the color I wanted and BAM, her phone case was perfect.  SO off we went to color match a phone case and it’s sooooo pretty.  Thanks phone case! Here’s the new piece! There are some minor blemishes, but it’s all good.  Simple brass knobs finished the dresser in lovely fashion.

pink dresser
A repurposed piece is always a win and the brass knobs are perfect with the pink.

I feel great about being able to knock out such a huge chunk this week.  I feel like once the wallpaper goes up, the rest will be easy peasy. I am crossing my fingers that the new pieces that I ordered will all make it in time, but hopefully it will be a non-issue.  I hope all is well with you if you’re involved in this crazy process, and I also can’t wait to check out everyone’s week three progress!  See you in another week!  I’m off to go kick some more design butt!  Thanks so much for reading and following.  Your support and encouragment means so much!


Head to the One Room Challenge to see the progress of the featured designers and the guest participants!  The talent will blow your mind!! Thanks to the One Room Challenge Media Partner, Better Homes and Gardens for your continued support of the participants!

xoxo Deb



6 thoughts on “One Room Challenge™ Fall 2019, Week 3 “Gotta Have Glam” Teen Bedroom Remodel”

  1. Wow! I can’t wait to see how your wallpaper turns out. We replaced carpet with laminate flooring this week and I was surprised at how easy it was. Now I want to replace all of our carpets!


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