One Room Challenge™ Fall 2019 Week 4 “Gotta Have Glam” Teen Bedroom Makeover

In case you missed Week 1,Week 2, or Week 3 here they are!!

Well, as promised in the challenge, this week has been the hardest.  The self-adhesive wallpaper, although beautiful, is much trickier than I ever thought that it would be. I needed more primer, and more hands on deck.  Although the panels appeared to match when we laid them out, when maneuvering them on the wall, they did not line up the way they should.  When life throws you lemons, apparently you cut the top off of the second panel and decide to fix it with crown molding, yep we’re now adding crown.  I think that the final result will be amazing. Hindsight’s twenty-twenty, but if I ever use this type of product again I will lay the panels out, and either tape them lightly across the top, then cut the excess top area off, or I will use a chalk line, and again trim them to match. If I had realized they were just the slightest bit off, it would have saved us so much time, and me countless four letter words. But nonetheless the paper mural is up and I must say, it is going to blow your ever-loving mind!

So on to the fun things.  The bedside tables arrived and are put together, the lamps are here, and are exactly what I had envisioned.  The bed has come and although we need to get it set up, we are not moving it in until the crown is completed first.  The best news of all is that my back-ordered bedding came!!   Praise baby Jesus, it is here.  I have a very specific design idea for this space and I am telling you that my vision is really coming together.

week 4 blog 4
The bedside tables and the lamps are just what I wanted! Of course I took a vase of flowers up! I needed to feel like progress was made.

Emma, my daughter, has also had a hand in choosing items in the design, and I’m so lucky that not only does she have impeccable taste and a great sense of style, she is also a talented painter.   Remember that wallpaper that was giving us a fit, well when it was slightly a bit off, she painted on the design so that you can’t see where it didn’t line up. Thank goodness for my artist.  Painting, other than one color on flat walls,  is NOT a skill that I possess.

week 4 blog 5
She is adding in painted touches to fix the imperfections.

This week was definitely about starting to see the results of all our work, and I must say, it’s really fun.  I told her the other day that I think this will be the prettiest room in our house.  I may need to sit in there all the time and work, instead of down in our living room.  Even yesterday, my hubby went on about the flooring and how we should replace it in other rooms.  Yay! He doesn’t want to kill me!! LOL!

The goals for this week, although not all completed, were close.  The end is in sight, and the project continues to move forward as we are checking things off of the list.  Here are a few more shots of our progress.  Not all of the pieces are placed properly, but at least you get an idea.

I am also thinking about accessories for the space, and I will be shopping for items within my own house.  I have plenty, and at this point we need to “stop the bleeding” as my husband would say.  The budget needs to stay on track. Shopping my home will be fun because it gives you a new way to look at old items.  I used to do this when the kids were little, hide toys for a bit, then switch them out.  It was like Christmas for them. I have lots of candlesticks, antlers, vases, pillows, and so many things that can go in the room. Shopping my own home will be fun, and cost effective.  Try it, you just might like it.

I hope that helps you get a feel for our week 4 progress.  To see the featured designers and all of the guest participants, head to the One Room Challenge. As I’ve said before, the talent is amazing!

Thank you also to Better Homes and Gardens for being an amazing media partner and allowing us to share our designs!

Catch you in week 5! xoxo Deb


4 thoughts on “One Room Challenge™ Fall 2019 Week 4 “Gotta Have Glam” Teen Bedroom Makeover”

  1. That wall paper has been my dream design for years! I feel like I need to just splurge. Where did you get it? And why didn’t it line up? That’s awful!!


    1. It came from Etsy, and it is fabulous. I’ll list all the sources and links in the final blog. The line up issue is because the panels were not exactly the same size, although when we lined them up on the floor they appeared to be. I would definitely do it a bit differently next time. Hoping it all comes together! Have a great week.


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