Transitioning the Seasons: Tips and Tricks

Well November first hit, and in usual form Christmas threw up all over social media.  Now I say this is jest, because I for one am a Christmas junkie.  Nate and the kids like to have a little fun at my expense because I literally lose my mind.  If there is a hall to be decked or a tree to be trimmed, I’m in.  I start staring at dozens of pages on Instagram, and scouring Pinterest to get my plan together.  But how do I keep Thanksgiving at the forefront, but begin to transition into my most beloved time of year?  Believe it or not, with just a few simple changes, it works rather easily.

I host Thanksgiving most years, so as far as my dining table is concerned that stays mostly adorned with Fall until the weekend after, but then it’s game on.  But by adding just a few pieces of greenery, some wooden deer and trees to my mantle, a simple garland here and there, and some antlers, the house still has a mostly Fall feel, yet has peeks of the season to come.

transition blog 8
This is the current view of my Thanksgiving table. I will share more of how I created this look soon. The greenery on the antique mantle is a great transitional look.

I don’t want to forget Thanksgiving, but I also want to have time to enjoy the festive and beautiful decorations, so it’s really hard not to rush. And this year Thanksgiving is late, with the fourth Thursday falling on the 29th, so that’s a bit tricky.  This year will be a little bit different than in previous years because pops of Christmas will surely come out sooner than before.

Now to the plan.  Adding greenery is a great transitional tool.  By adding greenery, like seeded eucalyptus, or pine branches, it feels more like winter, but doesn’t scream Christmas.  It creates a feeling of warmth, but greenery is so versatile you can add literally anything to it, to change from one season to the next.  Mix fall leaves in and you can style your table for Thanksgiving.  Add some snowy branches and ornaments, and Christmas comes to life.   Greenery, both faux and real are a big hit. Check out how I used my greenery here.

Next, I love trees, snowy trees, cotton trees, wooden trees, sparkly trees, give me all the trees.  Adding simple trees to your mantle, shelf, table, or entryway starts to add a winter vibe.  The great thing is trees go perfectly with pumpkins, so there’s no problem using them for fall. Here are some ways that I use my trees.

Now how about antlers!  Do you love them as much as I do?  I have used them in my arrangements for years, but right now you can find them everywhere.  I use them with greenery, in table centerpieces, with pumpkins and leaves, and of course mixed in to all of my Christmas décor.  I have white ones, and I have many that look authentic.  They add a bit of whimsy, and fun, and are totally versatile.  Give them a try in your transitional décor.  I think you’ll be pleased with the look.  Here are a few ways I use them.

In the end, use what you have, shop your own home.  Add what you love.  Keep it simple. It’s true that less is more.  Remember what the reason for the season is.  Be thankful and don’t sweat the small stuff.  I know it will be beautiful.

I’ll be back with my Thanksgiving table tutorial, and my how to survive turkey day timeline if you’re hosting, so stay tuned.  This time of year is about those we love, spending time together, and making memories, so never lose sight of that.

See ya, soon.

xoxo Deb


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