One Room Challenge™ Spring 2020 Boho Chic Screened Porch-Week 6


Hi everyone!! You might think I’m confused since I skipped from week 4 to week 6.  But it was intentional. Last week the One Room Challenge and Better Homes and Gardens decided to cancel all week 5 posts to support all that is going on in our world.  I support their decision to fight for equality and stand with all to bring understanding and change.  We must do better, we must be better, and we must strive for a better world.

If you haven’t been keeping up thus far, then you better click below. Here are my previous week’s blogs with my design plan and progress.  Now get going, head on over to catch up.

Week 1: The Plan

Week 2: It’s All About The View

Week 3: Decisions, Decisions

Week 4: Hot Mess Time

Caught up? Perfect.  Now onto week 6, and my oh my have I been busy.  This week was all about the ceiling and let me say, it is just about the prettiest thing I have ever laid eyes on.  The only part that I can truly take credit for is the design, and maybe about 6 total boards.  The rest was totally crushed by my husband Nate, and youngest son Sam.

I decided after much searching, staring, and wondering, to go with a rectangular grid.  Essentially the vision and design that I had was to work the boards from the outside in and create a pattern that ended with the light.  I shared a photo of a ceiling grid in Week 3, but I still wanted this to be slightly different than that photo.

The wood that we chose is treated cedar so hopefully it will resist mold, and hold up to our crazy Midwest weather.  I will most likely seal it, but for now we want it to make sure it is really dry before making any decisions. The color is warm and wonderful with a perfect boho vibe! It is absolutely stunning.

We began the grid with the far wall and then each subsequent board was measured and cut so that the corners would line up perfectly.  The best way for you to see it, is simply to follow the photos.  Obviously measurements will vary depending on your room size. I am sharing full size images, and a lot of them.  My hope is that you will get an idea of how the pattern was created. Here goes nothing!!

The blank slate, this is plywood, and it was already up.
Another angle and the view out. The deck is now new as well.
The first board and my favorite guy!
Me holding up a board, I even used a nailer!! Whoop! And I look scared, right? Well I am, I hate heights!
My crew, even my daughter came to see.
Laying out the first full rectangle
The two who made this happen!
Second layer, see how the corners intersect!
Moving in, more corner views.
See how the corner creates a staggered line? Like stair steps.
Moving towards the old fan
Getting closer…
And closer…
And closer… bye bye fan!
Hello fabulous light.
Gazing at this loveliness.
The view…
Light on…
I may or may not have laid down on the rug and just stared for a long while!

This was the last major component of the project.  Now it is time to load in the furniture and decor.  We are ready to get the porch livable again, and to start enjoying it.  I’ll be back next week to share all of the pieces that will be going into the space, so you don’t want to miss it.

Head to see all of the featured designers and guests here!  Have a great week and I’ll catch you later.

xoxo Deb


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