The One Room Challenge™ Fall 2019 Glamorous Bedroom Reveal



Well here we are kids.  After six weeks of living in chaos, having a seriously displaced seventeen-year-old daughter, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears we have made it to the end of the One Room Challenge.  I’m not gonna lie, I’m thrilled to be here.  I began this process with one very specific, and lofty goal, and that was to create a design that was filled with drama and luxury, incorporate my daughters love of dance and art, fill the space with warmth and softness, but also make it glamorous, hence the “Gotta Have Glam” title.  I believe that we hit every single mark, and the outcome is truly special.

Here are the links to my previous blogs in case you missed anything :

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 Week 4: The Wallpaper Dilemma/ Week 5: It’s Coming Together

I want to take you back to where we began.  She had a great space, but it hadn’t been updated since we moved into our home six years ago.  The furniture that had been moved from our previous home was not suited for a teenager. It was time to give her a beautiful space, and also a create a room that can double as a guest room when she leaves for college.


The bed and main wall.
emma window wall
Great windows
emma fan
The dated ceiling fan

The Inspiration

I knew that I wanted to do some sort of feature wall with wallpaper, and I also knew that I wanted to use a floral pattern. I had seen many different prints on design jobs for the design firm I work for, as well as countless images scouring the internet, but I hadn’t found THE one just yet. I knew that I loved several rose-covered papers, so that was in my head.  However, because this was my daughters room I certainly wanted to include something that she loved, so we began to look together.  When we came across the image of the chosen wallpaper, we both stopped in our tracks, and knew that this was the winner.  Our inspiration for the room was born!  Here is the image we saw.


emma wallpaper
Dramatic Wallpaper (Image courtesy of etsy)

I mean, am I right?  It is just perfect in every way.  After choosing the feature wall everything else fell into place.  With the main wall being black, I knew that I needed to choose other elements that were light, and warm.  I needed to create a design with balance. The light linen walls, the bedding, the incredible chandelier, and the neutral rug did just that.  Here is what my final plan came to be; a dramatic and oversized chandelier, linen bedding with a ruffle detail, an area rug with a worn pattern, neutral main walls, new flooring that could withstand a lot of wear, a platform bed and low bedside tables, navy velvet drapes, brass curtain rods, brass lamps, and vintage accents.

One room challenge feature grid


Now to the best part, and what you’ve been waiting for.  Here is the finished bedroom design.  I was able to incorporate some antique pieces we already had, as well as her favorite artwork from the old room.  The result is everything we hoped for and more.

A perfect combination or drama and warmth
week 6 32
The floral backdrop is feminine and lovely.
A Front View
week 6 10
Throw pillows add wonderful texture to the space.

week 6 pillows

week 6 night view
Night time looks good on her!
week 6 25
I think I may move in!
week 612
Vintage vanity details.


week 6 23
A repurposed dresser with high gloss pink and brass. How about that reflection?
week 6 4
Her great-great grandmother’s chair and her favorite Degas reproduction.
week 6 18
More details of the vanity.
week 6 27
Brass accents, and low tables.
week 6 17
One of her many pairs of pointe shoes.
week 6 21
Another angle
week 6 26
This chandelier is a show-stopper!

It’s hard not to share one hundred different photos, because I love them all so much. But most of all, I love this young woman who is the WHY behind the room.  I think it reflects all of the amazing talents and qualities that she has.  And now, she can move the heck back in, YIPPEE!!

See the source list for this entire project below!  I am so thankful to the One Room and Challenge (see the featured designers here!) and Better Homes and Gardens  the media sponsor for this amazing event!   Head on over to see all of the other guest participants here!

I am so grateful to all of you who followed me along on this journey, and provided so much encouragement. I am also beyond thankful for my husband Nate who was my general contractor for this project. I could not have done it without his help and willingness to demolish, lay flooring, roll paint, build, and hang everything with me.  Through this process I have grown as a designer, unleashed a boat load of creativity, and gained tremendous confidence in my abilities.  I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Spring.  Now I’m off to drink an entire bottle of Veuve Clicquot!  Cheers! 

xoxo Deb

The dresser, vanity, chair, all art work, white fur pillows, additional lighting, and any other item not in source list was previously purchased and no link is available. The black and pink paint colors were both custom paint from Behr.

One Room Challenge

22 thoughts on “The One Room Challenge™ Fall 2019 Glamorous Bedroom Reveal”

  1. Definitely the most beautiful room ever! What a talent you have for the perfect “eye” on every detail of that room.
    Emma’s got to love spending time in her new room and when she goes away to college your guests are going to be so lucky staying in that room.
    You truly have a extraordinary talent Deb. Thanks for letting us follow your passion. ❤️

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