One Room Challenge™ Spring 2020 Boho Chic Screened Porch-The Big Reveal


It’s finally here!!!  Friends, after many long months the One Room Challenge has come to fruition. From Covid delays, to support for equality for all, we have made it to the final reveal.  I cannot express enough gratitude to Linda Weinstein, the founder and director, of the One Room Challenge, as well as Better Homes and Gardens  the ORC media partner, for giving me, and so many others, the opportunity to let our creative juices flow.  I also have such a deep appreciation for those of you that continue to follow along with me on all of my crazy projects and design whims.  I am a lucky girl, cue single tear down cheek!

In case the One Room Challenge has brought you to me for the first time, here’s a little bit about me.  I’m Deb, a former music, voice and drama teacher turned interior designer.  I have always loved to be creative in my spaces, and I adore helping others reimagine and design their spaces as well.  I am a mom of three, two in college and one in high school, and married to the best husband ever, Nate, for 23 years.  Design is my creative outlet and passion.  If you like what you see I hope you’ll give me a follow here!

In case you missed my previous weeks, and blogs, here is a link to them all.  I think in order to get a sense of where we are, you have to know where we began.

Week 1: The Plan

Week 2: It’s All About The View

Week 3: Decisions, Decisions

Week 4: Hot Mess Time

Week 5 and 6: Oh That Ceiling

Week 7: The Home Stretch

I started off this challenge with a few ideas in my head, but not a clear cut plan. As with any design project, I think you have thoughts, but the true plan comes from a piece that inspires everything else to fall into place.

My first absolute must-have in revamping the entire room was color.  I needed and wanted tons of color. Color makes me happy.  After being stuck inside for months, I wanted the space to feel bright and alive. I pretty much wanted the room to feel like a rainbow exploded, but a hot pink and navy rainbow!

The Before:

Here is where we started, just to give you a reminder.

porch before
Pippa showing you the dirty and bland porch!
The opposite corner! Someone needs a good grooming!
The dirty and mildewed ceiling and old fan.
The floors were awful.

 The Plan:


  • Clear the space, clean the space, paint all floors, paint all trim, replace screens, add a ceiling feature, add all new furniture and accessories, and fill it with lots of color

The plan sounded easy enough, but then Covid hit.  With that, came a 40 percent loss of our business income, and a limited ability to get supplies and materials.  Sooooo, a game plan change came into the mix.  The first expenses we cut were replacing the screens and buying a new sectional. I knew that if I cleaned the current cushions and updated the pillows and rug, I could make them look new again. And I did just that. We will replace the screens later.

Next was finding that one color, or combination of colors, that  inspired the space.  That came in the form of a rug.  When I found my indoor/outdoor rug on Wayfair’s website, I knew exactly what would come next.  It is vibrant, filled with beautiful shades of pink, navy, and aqua, and it inspired the entire design.  Here she is in all her glory. And now on to more important things.

Such a perfect color combination and funky boho vibe.

With the rug in hand, all other accessories and pieces began to fall into place.

So now that leads us to what you’ve all been waiting for……..

The After

From drab and dirty to bright and fabulous!
I may or may not have laid down on the rug and just stared for a long while!
The perfect corner! And all the colors!
I seriously cannot get enough, especially of that ceiling!
The opposite view!
My favorite chairs ever!
Oh that pretty rug, and some gorgeous Hosta leaves.
Love this bold blue.
Give me all the textures. I LOVE pink!
Another corner.
Cozy and soft textures, time for a nap.
Must have plants!
Cocktail time!!
Veuve for me, Blanton’s for my hubs!
Aqua garden stools are prefect little tables.
So pretty.
Lots of candles for ambience!
Rose all day, yes please!!

Sources for products, links provided where available:

The most incredible part of this entire project was that my husband, Nate, and youngest son, Sam, made my design for the ceiling come true.  Without their help, it wouldn’t have been possible.

I am so happy with every single inch of the space and it turned out exactly as I imagined it would.  This zone is all about relaxing and entertaining and I cannot wait to host all of our friends and family to celebrate.  Color is always a good decision.  Don’t be afraid to mix it up.  Add lots of patterns and textures and it can completely transform your entire home.  Now, who’s ready for a cocktail, I know I am.

To see all of the featured designers and guest reveals, head here now!! The transformations are truly amazing!

xoxo Deb

21 thoughts on “One Room Challenge™ Spring 2020 Boho Chic Screened Porch-The Big Reveal”

  1. As always you did not disappoint, your new room is FABULOUS!!! What a talent you have Ms. DEB!!! Music’s loss is our gain!!!


  2. I just love how you transformed this space Deb. The bright pops of color and al the different textures and patterns really make you want to grab a seat and have some fun


  3. Hi-

    This room is gorgeous! You did such a great job.

    If you don’t mind, can you repost the link to the area rug that you used? When I clicked on it, I was directed to Wayfair’s home page instead of the page for the area rug.


      1. This rug has terrible reviews about fading. I love it just as much as you do and I want to put it in a porch similar to yours. Have you had trouble with the colors fading?


      2. So I am going into year 2 with the rug, as this was 2020. We have lots of shade and trees surrounding the space and it has not faded a single bit. I imagine it would fade a lot in full sun. It is an inexpensive rug, which is why I chose it, but I have had a very positive experience thus far. I hope that helps.


  4. I love those chairs so much. Where did you find them, or what would words would I use to search for something similar? Thanks! So pretty!!


    1. I actually found them at home goods a few years ago. I would search for something like mid-century, outdoor, wicker furniture. I have never seen them again, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t find something similar. Good luck.


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